Come… Find Sanctuary

In 2011, Jason began to conduct nights of worship and prayer that included multiple Christian denominations, so that we could begin to remove the wedges we have placed in between us and begin to heal and really serve our communities.

We believe that God is leading us to come together, as one bride, working (and waiting) for His return to claim us. According to scripture, there are things for the Church to do to prepare the way. Christians have existed (for the most part) in their own silos for a long time. We go to church, work, and raise our families, but mostly keep to ourselves. Jesus directed us to make disciples and take the gospel to all nations. (Matthew 28:19-20) When we don’t engage in the kingdom work that God has laid out for each of us, we are  living in rebellion. We are telling God, “No, You don’t really mean that. You don’t understand how important __________ is”. Someday, we’ve got to face God. I’m not strong enough to tell Him why my deal was more important.

I also know that I can’t do His work alone, nor were we meant to. Very few churches are mega-churches, and struggle for volunteers to do the work. By joining with each other in God’s work, big and small churches can both have the necessary volunteers to do God’s work in the community and the world. This is what “Come… Find Sanctuary” is all about: worshipping God together, meeting and praying with other believers in your city, and serving God together based on common interests.

Imagine how your city might be transformed by the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling over every church, home, business, and public area! Our churches would fill up with new believers. We would be kinder and more courteous. We could really reach our city and the unreached people of the world!

If “Come… Find Sanctuary” is something that you want to implement in your community, please contact us and let’s start the discussion!

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