News On The Ground From Nepal

News On The Ground From Nepal

My friend, Pastor Thomas Rai, from Grace Church in Kathmandu sent me the following e-mail after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25th that killed over 5,000 people (so far). He, thankfully, is okay, but Kathmandu is in ruins.

Please read the letter and pray for him, his church, and that he could have a big impact in serving the Nepalese people at this difficult time. Oh, and if you feel inclined to give… please help them out.

Thank you.


We are fine and safe there. Please pray for us.  My house is cracked several parts of wall and wall gone and two bathrooms destroyed.  House need to repair after earthquake gone means many cracked different parts of house.  Kathmandu is most badly damaged in Nepal. There was no net working also. But now it is working.  I am typing here with scarcely/risky way here when earthquake starting I have run down soon to save my life.  Village areas are not so bad. They are all fine until now. We have good contacted on phone. They called me much times.

Our church members are panicked and we all of our living under the torn tents.  We are suffering from different areas as food, water, electricity and others.  There is no safe to live in rooms we all of Kathmandu people are on empty ground. May house is damaged what to do and how to repaired.

There is raining and waiting in tents markets are closed. Government has no help yet. They help other parts of Nepal. Our Church hall also cracked and nearly to fell down. Our land lord let us stay there some months.  We will move later when we will find the land for rent.

Yes, we need helps different ways.  Our village churches are fine. But Kathmandu is not good situation.   Most of shops are not open yet. I think that shop keepers take advantages in these situations.

There are many earth quakes time to time very day and nights. There is no electricity and water also. Some roads are damaged. many many houses are fell down and tower also fell down. Old house are almost gone.

So, outside churches also needs some helps. Please pray for Nepal and our churches members. I may write more when situation is better.  We are waiting to hear from you.

In Him,

Thomas Rai
Grace Church, and Ministries,

Kathmandu, Nepal